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Thinking about getting some roof repair in Prince George? You might be wondering if you need to also look at other parts of your house, like the decking and insulation on your roof. Do you need to replace or fix the insulation before the roofers come? What does a roofer actually do? Let’s answer these questions so you can be ready for a successful roof replacement!

What Does a Roofer Do?

When you get a roofer for roof repair in Prince George, they focus on the roof itself. Most of the time, you don’t need to worry about removing or replacing the insulation before they start their work. If the decking (the part under the shingles) is in good shape, the roofers will leave it as is. If there is damage, they will take off the old shingles, fix the decking, and then put on the new shingles.

Do You Need to Replace the Insulation Before Roof Repair?

Usually, you don’t have to take out the insulation in your attic before starting roof repairs. The insulation is located under the decking, which is part of the roof structure. So, unless there is damage to the decking that you can see, your insulation should be fine during the roof replacement.

Some homes might have special insulated roofing systems, like flat roofs or cathedral ceilings. In these cases, the roofer might find rigid foam insulation under the shingles. If this happens, the roofer will check if the foam needs to be replaced.

How Leaks Can Affect Your Roofing Insulation

If you have a leak, it can cause damage to both your roof and the insulation. When roofers remove shingles, they might find moldy or decayed decking that needs to be fixed. If there is a big leak, the water could have damaged your insulation too.

Wet fiberglass insulation loses its ability to keep your home warm and can also grow mold. If the insulation is wet, you might need to replace it. If mold has spread into the walls, your roofing contractor in Prince George might suggest hiring a mold removal company.

Your Roofing Replacement Is a Great Time for Insulation Upgrades

If you need new insulation, the time to do it is when you’re getting your roof replaced. This is especially true for rigid foam insulation, which needs to be accessed when the shingles are off. Sometimes, roofers can help with adding insulation during the roof replacement. They might blow in new insulation to make your home more energy-efficient.

Tips for Working with Your Roofing Contractor in Prince George

  • Ask About Insulation: Find out if the contractor offers insulation services or can recommend someone who does.
  • Check for Mold: Make sure the contractor looks for any mold or damage that might need extra attention.
  • Inquire About Upgrades: Ask if this is a good time to upgrade your insulation for better energy savings.

By understanding these basics, you can make the most out of your roof repair in Prince George and keep your home in top shape!