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Cedar shakes

Step into the world of “Guns & Sons,” where we bring the warmth of nature to your home with our exquisite cedar shake roofing. In a world dominated by artificial elements, embrace the timeless beauty and practical advantages of incorporating natural, wooden materials into your living space.

Unveiling the Beauty of Cedar Shingles

Discover the age-old tradition of using woody materials for roofing, a practice that has stood the test of thousands of years. At Guns & Sons we take this tradition to new heights by refining and incorporating the absolute best that nature has to offer. Our cedar shingles, derived from majestic cedar trees, bring an earthy aesthetic to your home, especially when used as a wood shingle for your roof.

Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

Cedar shingles from “Guns & Sons” go beyond just displaying vibrant, earthen hues. Each shingle is cut to a standard size, ensuring a perfect fit in an overlapping pattern that not only looks pleasingly uniform but also provides quality coverage and insulation across your entire roof. The uniqueness of each piece derived from wood ensures that your home stands out from the mundane, cookie-cutter residences found in many neighborhoods.

Simplicity in Repair

Unlike other roofing styles, repairing cedar shake roofing is remarkably simple. Thanks to its composition of multiple individual components, our cedar roofing allows for easy and cost-effective repairs. Forget the hassle of tearing off metal roof panels or dealing with labor-intensive removal and replacement of asphalt. With “Guns & Sons,” damaged cedar roofing can be effortlessly repaired by replacing each damaged unit with a new cedar piece of the same size and style.

Save Time and Money

No more worrying about big roof repairs for small issues. Our cedar roofing makes fixing damages fast and affordable. You can have a strong and good-looking roof without spending a lot.

Elevate your home with the natural charm of cedar shake roofing from “Guns & Sons.” Embrace the beauty of wood, experience simplicity in repairs, and make a statement that sets your home apart from the ordinary.